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joya_oscura's Journal

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Joya Oscura
In regards to LJ usage: In 2009 I started to use my AOL OpenID to access LJ. The reason being because I never saw the point of telling my business to everybody on the net. It basically allowed me to do everything I want in LJ without the hassle of maintaining a journal. However, in Jan 2016 error cropped in using OpenID and I had to get the account converted in order to regain access. Be aware though, the journal itself will remain empty.

In regards to my TV interest: I despise reality TV shows. Give me a good scripted, engaging TV show any day. The TV shows that I prefer to watch are cop procedurals (where the characters are trying to solve a crime), sci-fi, and medical dramas like House and ER. I also have no problem watching certain cartoons and animes. However, they must meet the same requirement that I have for live action TV shows. (I.E. they must be well scripted and have an engaging plot.)

Spare time: When I am not watching TV, I am cruising around the internet looking for fics to read, wiki article to edit, forums to write in, and playing online games like Flash Flash Revolution (which is a free online flash version of Dance Dance Revolution using the keyboard instead of a dance pad).

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